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Best-Boats24 - the great European boat market for secondhand boats and new boats

The boat market Best-Boats24 was founded in the year 1999. Since then we are the competent partner not only of the boat dealers for their sales but also for private offerers. Our visitors appreciate the large amount of second hand boat offers.

It makes no difference which part of water sports your passion is. On Best-Boats24 you find everything you could wish for, starting from motor boats, sailing boats, inflatables, catamarans and jetski up to rowing boats.

Selling secondhand boats, privately or commercially

With a few steps only you could advertise your secondhand boat. Here Best-Boats24 offering a video manual and photo manual as PDF download. To be able to create the perfect advertisement Best-Boats24 offers the advertisement evaluation. This one examines your advertisement and point out some improvements. You are a commercial boat dealer, a yacht agent or a private person with a boat for sale? On Best-Boats24 you're always right.

By placing an advertisement on Best-Boats24 you advertise also in a large network of more than 40 top boat brands:,,,,, and many more.

Buying new boats or secondhand boats

Thanks to a perfected fulltext search you find your dream boat quick and easily. A detailed search with 13 search criteria assists the pro to be faster at the destination and let unwanted results left out. Go and convince yourself of the large range of motor boats, sailing boats, inflatables and boat engines.

Sailing boats in Germany and Europe-wide

If a boat is mainly driven by wind power, it has to be labeled as sailing boat. Sailing boats could be grouped in two categories: onehull and multihull boats (for example: catamarans). In many boat markets a catamaran is asssigned to category sailing boats. But on Best-Boats24 there is an own category for multihulls because of the existing of multihulls with motor drive instaed of wind drive. For sailing boats there are additional selection criteria, like lead-ballast-keel, hydraulic keel, centreboard keel, long keel or swing keel to define a specific type of the sailing boat.

Here on Best-Boats24 we have constantly a large range of different sailing boats or catamarans, both new and secondhand.

Motor boats in Germany and Europe-wide

In contrast to a sailing boat this kind of water vehicle is drive by one or more engines. For sport boats the further term offshore (high performance boat) is in use. These boats mostly were used in water racing sports. Terms like runabout, sport cruiser or daycruiser define the category of a motor boat. From inflatables with engine up to motor yachts - on Best-Boats24 you constantly find a large range of secondhand boats.

Click to reach our completely up-to-date boat market. Every day several thousand visitors find their dream boat here. There is no sales commission on Best-Boats24.
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