Last change:  17.3.2020
 Price (EUR):  12.500,00 VAT included
 Model Year:  1965
 Length:  6,12 m / 20,08 fuss
 Beam:  2,22 m
 Max. draft:  0,55 m
 Location:  Netherlands, AMSTERDAM (NL)
 Condition:  good
 Material hull:  Wood
 Tank volume:  40,00 l
 Trailer:  without trailer
 Internal Number:  156388
Equipment: fine and practical motor sloopDutch motorboat Exclusive. This classic version is built in the famous Heeg in 1998 with beautiful lacquered mahogany front and aft deck. Heeg has many years of experience in shipbuilding, ship carpentry and ship renovation. The beautiful mahogany cockpit floor, and the front and rear storage areas and engine box cover are also made of Mahogany wood. It is a round bilge boat so she is lying firmly in the water. This seams classic is well built and that is proven by the dry bilge/ bottom-inner-plane. When a wooden boat is kept well and regularly "wet" and also kept inside the shed every winter you keep the shrinkage and good wood expansion. A boat that has been dry for too long dries out, as it were, and then the wooden hull is harder or almost impossible to close. The correctly treated boat is wet in the first week of the season and then quickly and nicely dry. The owner has always maintained the boat at Harting Wooden Classics in Aalsmeer. The very well known Riva and Boesch specialist. Each year the boat is completely painted for € 800 so that's the secret and the preservation of this boat. If you continue to take care of the boat just like that, you will have a virtually maintenance-free boat throughout the season. Furthermore, the owner bought this boat when it got wet for the first time and has a fine Amsterdam canals career. Still, the boat hasn't sailed much and looks fantastic. The port steering position has a beautiful classic wooden steering wheel and also a clear dashboard. The throttle still has the clear clutch from the factory setting. The beautifully running Yanmar diesel can give the boat serious speed but also slowly this boat remains incredibly fine at steering. Also, sailing backwards what many boats can not do is no problem for this boat. This is due to the fact that this round bilge has an attached rudder but, be careful, it has been placed briefly on the screw so that it reacts well and quickly. If there is too much distance between the rudder and the propeller, your steering wheel will listen less. The engine is fine and well insulated. The boat has always been well secured located in a rustic Amsterdam workers harbour. Due to the sturdy weight of the boat, it is possible to transport 10 to 11 people. The cable fitter is in undamaged condition with stainless steel tensioners and the ship has no other damage. There are no other water damage spots or spots. There is also a virtually new and complete pillow set included with the boat plus a handy and not heavy tarpaulin against the sun. There are also several beautiful stainless steel fittings placed on the deck. A new polyster sloop of this length costs € 25.521,00 and then the engine is added. Earn smart money and preserve cultural heritage. Wooden boats get in again and they don't wobble and who really likes plastic? With a beautiful classic ship with a great inboard engine you have something exclusive. This boat is practical and actually very handy because it is starting and sailing away without any hassle. Would you give me a call? Pieter Pepping of White Whale Yachtbrokers 0653345219 or vinkeveen@wwy.nl A trial cruise through the Amsterdam canals is always fun. Engine, electrics, waterOil pressure gauge: pressure alarmTemperature gauge: alert

letzter Service: 2019;

MOTOR: Zylinder: 2, Starter: Electric;

NAVIGATION: Navigationslichter; bimini: false;
 White Whale Yachtbrokers - Vinkeveen
 Groenlandsekade 9-13
 NL-3645 BA Vinkeveen
 Tel 0031 (0) 653 345 219
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